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Nature Freak?

Get Your Freak On
Put your phone down, go outside, and just have a good time. Isn't it always a good time to take a break and enjoy some nature, good music, art? We say let the good times roll.

This is what Nature Freak is all about. We’re just a group of nature, music, & art loving freaks that want to share that message on some really comfortable clothing and get it out there for everyone to enjoy. When we’re not sitting behind our desks at the office we’re out playing a live music gig at the local coffee shop or out enjoying the weather and taking photos. We’re not here to tell you how to live. We’re not going to hate on you for not recycling that coffee cup. (But you should, just saying) We just want everyone to enjoy getting outside and doing their thing and our apparel helps you express whatever that thing may be. You be you, get your freak on.

HikeCover some ground

From the Appalachian Trail to the Pacific Northwest, or just down the road to the local park on your lunch break.  Hikers know their passion, let us help you express it.

BikeRock and Roll

Whether you’re the “50 mile casual road bike ride” type, or the “fat bikes or bust” type, or the “fixies forever!” type we have you covered, literally.

CampIt's in tents

It’s time to get back to nature, head to the woods. Just because you’re roughin’ it doesn’t mean your shirts can’t be nice and soft.

PaddleI hear banjos

Just can’t wait to get back to the lake and canoe? Maybe you need some SUP time on the ocean? How about a kayak down the rapids?  Nature Freak is your new friend.


It's All About the Journey

We love to see and hear stories about Nature Freak all over the world. These just a few examples from some great Nature Freaks and their travels.
Creativity is intelligence having fun.Albert Einstein

Field of Gold

I don't get to travel as much or as far as I would like, so I try to make the best of it by visiting local treasures. How I've lived in the area all my life and never been to the magical sunflower fie...

Meeting Mr. Perkins

Nature is my place to unwind and recharge from the day-to-day of an office job and raising a rambunctious toddler. There's a local lake I enjoy visiting throughout the seasons and fall is, by far, the...

Hiking to Dream

3am at 10,000’ is cold, and getting out of a warm sleeping bag isn’t the easiest choice. Trying not to wake up your wife and your infant son is yet another challenge. However, that’s what it tak...

I fear the day technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.Albert Einstein


Original Artwork

This is where dedication and passion come in. The fine folks at Nature Freak have a love for art and come from years of experience and various backgrounds in art and design.


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